Take a Deeper Look at How Our Ford Vehicles Triumph Over their Competitors

Drivers in Fulton, MS deserve a dealership that makes comparing models as quick and to the point it can be. At Davis Ford Sales Inc., we're excited to cater to any potential Ford owner who is ready to learn about how our vehicles have been able to exceed the capabilities of other automakers, which is why we've provided the space to easily find that information. Whether you're looking for a quick and well-handled sedan, an impressively equipped SUV or crossover, or even a high-strength, light-weight truck, you'll find plenty of Ford models that are able to offer more powerful, efficient and feature-rich performances than their rivals.

Our best-selling Ford F-150 truck has continued to innovate at a staggering pace with our latest model lineup. Complete with a variety of trims and engines, this truck is constructed on a foundation of military-grade aluminum for the same performance with higher efficiency. While other brands continue to add to their offerings of pickup truck models, you'll be able to dive into the details and differences between each of its competitors. Not to mention one of our Ford Explorer, Edge, Escape, Fusion or Fiesta models, which are able to assist with a variety of needs and uses.

Once you've seen the contrasts between our Ford vehicles and the competition, we're confident that the strength of the Blue Oval will shine through. If you're ready to come in and start figuring out which of the many options is best for you, our staff members will be happy to offer more information and a stress-free customer experience. Stop by and see for yourself at 904 West Main Street!