Ford Explorer Continues to Impress and Shine at Davis Ford Sales Inc.


Getting performance, connectivity, and versatility out of a SUV is the goal. Here at Davis Ford Sales Inc. you can find many different options, but one that certainly has stood out for a long time is the Ford Explorer. You can see the various ways that the Explorer makes an impression, and that means putting it head to head against competition in its segment.

The Ford Explorer is able to demonstrate many of its standout qualities against the likes of the Honda Pilot, another popular vehicle in our area. But, when you take a look at a few of the features the Explorer has up close, you'll find the Pilot doesn't compete. That's what you should come to expect as the Explorer has been impressing for 20 years and continually improving, too.

The Explorer features a hands-free foot-activated liftgate which opens the rear of the vehicle for you automatically when you wave your foot under the bumper and have your smart key on you. The Pilot can't claim such a feature. Along with that, the Explorer is able to offer Advanced Active Park Assist which can take over the steering and shifting to back in and out of parallel parking spaces, which we're certain plenty of drivers will enjoy. The Honda Pilot? It doesn't offer that either.

Those are just two of the main differences. There's plenty more in terms of options, power and conveniences, and we want you to stop in and see them in our new Ford showroom serving Fulton, MS. Contact us to learn more and we'd be happy to provide you with more details, answer questions and arrange test drives.

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