The Future of Ford is Microsoft HoloLens

Manufacturers are doing everything they can to bring you the best vehicle, and the advancement of technology is making that easier than ever. Ford has taken to using a combination of virtual reality with existing design so that they can easily draw up new features and see what would work best on their vehicles. Using this "mixed reality" Ford design leads can are overlaying new physical concepts over their existing vehicles so that they can get more accurate representations of what their changes will look like.

Using Microsoft HoloLens, Ford technicians can see 3D designs on top of production vehicles in full scale. This technology is a simple way to show and convey complex design elements and ideas so that everyone can understand, easily putting words into an accurate reflection without having to create a new physical design every time something needs to change.

Being able to leave notes for the next people to look at it makes it easy to criticize and update for a team vision. The notes also allow for giving reasons as to why certain aspects look as they do, putting everyone on the same page during the design phase.

At Davis Ford Sales Inc., we have a wide array of new Ford models for you to look through. You will clearly see how Ford has taken advantage of the most innovative technology, then you will be able to experience the stellar performance that comes along with it.

We encourage you to visit our dealership so that you can test drive all of the vehicles that you are interested in, only then will you be able to compare and see which feels right for you.

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